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(3-5 Y/O)

Teaching children who are 3 to 5 years old requires special skills and a specialized curriculum. Everyday is an adventure to them and the groundwork is being laid for a lifetime of learning and essential habits.

(6-9 Y/O)

The Little Ninjas Program is a preliminary martial arts training course that focuses on building 6 through 9 year old’s capabilities; physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

(10-13 Y/O)

Our Kids MMA program is designed for children ages 10-13. This is an important age when kids approach middle school and then face the excitement and fear of becoming a teenager.



Make Your Child's Birthday Party Amazing Here At Bainbridge Family Martial Arts Academy.

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Martial Arts classes help children become confident, raise self-esteem, and instill a positive self image.


The self-defense and safety skills children learn from Martial Arts will prepare them for everything from bullying to peer pressure.


Martial Arts teaches structure, discipline, and focus, which can help children achieve higher grades in school.


Our fun and energetic atmosphere helps children develop an outgoing attitude and form new friendships.

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Here are some words from our clients
  • Bella's 2 year experience with you (from 3 - nearly 5) has helped develop her into a confident little girl who is comfortable in her own skin. Not only does she love and respect William and Nick, she is also at ease physically and mentally with boys as well as girls - which is all a parent of a girl wishes for, a feeling of total equality. We have seen first hand Bella confidently stand up for herself (verbally) when pressured physically and verbally by older boys, making us feel assured she is in charge of who she is. We definitely put that down to her experiences with Bainbridge Family Martial Arts. She is involved in a lot of other sports - gymnastics, swimming, dance, skiing, horse riding (both jumping and vaulting), and holding her own with kids a lot older than her. Teachers/trainers repeatedly say that she seems so much older as she is such a good listener and follows instructions so well - we put that down to you guys so really. Thanks so much.

    Jessica Olliver

  • Our daughter has gained strength both physically and mentally from her 3 years at FMA. It is a safe and fun home-away-from home and everyone involved is like family. We can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who wants to empower both their mind and body.

    Pam Laeger

  • Sifu Rick is not only an absolutely fantastic instructor, he is a positive role model and inspires our son to try his hardest. Timmy is more confident, stronger, coordinated, and his ability to focus has increased as a result of his classes. Most importantly, he has FUN! Every class ends with a big smile on his face.


  • After moving to Bainbridge Island, we enrolled our two boys in Family Mixed Martial Arts Academy. We have been students there now for almost two years.  Sifu Rick has created an amazing atmosphere that has supported the growth in our boys confidence. As a parent, I've appreciated the anti-bullying and the exercises in kidnap prevention. The staff and instructors really work hard to keep the program fun, new, and educational.  The birthday party we had for my seven year old was the best birthday we have had so far! I highly recommend this program to anyone.

    The Smith Family